Clube Hollywood Rates

We know that selecting the right gym can be a difficult decision and we certainly don't want to add to the confusion.

Many gyms will not disclose their prices until they lure you in with a "too good to be true offer", and once in front of them, pressure you with the hard sell! 

At Clube Hollywood, we believe in transparency. We have no hidden fees such a initiation fees, down-payments, promotion fees etc.

We have various price option available.  All prices are for UNLIMITED TRAINING.


Little Champions (ages 6 - 11)  $99.00

Juniors and Teens (ages 11= 14) $126.00


Fundamentals BJJ  

$156.00 w/6 month membership agreement.

$176.00 month to month. 

Advanced BJJ - Includes Wrestling, No-Gi and Competition classes

$176.00 w/ 6 month membership agreement

$196.00 month to month

Kickboxing Only - $156.00 w/6 month membership agreement

Multiple Program Packages

All Inclusive

$200.00 w/6 month membership agreement 

$219.00 month to month